La arenadora

PRECIO: $3.000.000,00


Llave Mixta Wesward 5/8


Llave de Impacto Prescott 1/2″ 



Copa Diamantada Z U5 4.1/2×7/8



Juego De Utiles Para Roscar Greenfield



Manometro Acero Inoxidable De 0-160psi Bourdon


Sets are portable for easy use in the plant or on the job site

Custom fitted, rugged blow molded storage case

Designed for applications of pushing, spreading, pressing and more

Pumps are rated 8,000 psi


Capacity (Tons): 4

Collapsed Rod Height (in2): 11

Extended Rod Height (in3) 15.75

Effective Rod Area (in2): 0.998

Number of Attachments 14

Weight (lbs.): 46

Condition: New

PRECIO: $1.000.000,00